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Discover our online and face-to-face workshops for building relationship-based practice in early childhood education, care and support.

Develop a training approach to support staff relationship-based practices, knowledge and documentation.

Strategies, mentoring, supervision, programming and curriculum to support relationship-based practice in teams and organisations.

When our communities fully, wholeheartedly invest in children’s earliest relationships, we will begin to see Every Child Rising.

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Be You and the problem with resilience

Be You [i], a new children’s mental health initiative from beyondblue, was launched late in 2018. Designed to equip teachers and early childhood educators with a range of knowledge and skills, the concept of resilience Read more…

Keep your eye on this: How a baby’s eye gaze changes adult brain activity

Joint play with a warm and caring adult – particularly during the first three years – has been linked to long-term outcomes ranging from improved attention and self-regulation, social skills and even academic outcomes such Read more…

The four-letter word early childhood services need to push-back against curriculum push-down

Mainstream and social media in the year 2018 was dominated by adults engaged in behaviour that (let’s face it) if displayed by children, would trigger a cascade of psychological and protective service responses. However, the Read more…

Are babies capable of empathy?

Why do babies comfort each other? Every so often, a video of a baby comforting and helping another baby does the viral rounds. In some ways, the comments that follow are as fascinating as the Read more…

The importance of touch in child development: An overview for early childhood professionals

The importance of touch in early childhood All types of sensory stimulation – sound, visual, smell – are important for babies and little children. But, of all these senses, the role of touch in child development Read more…