Every Child Rising works with teams and organisations to build their relationship-based practice with babies and young children. Our work centres around strengthening interaction, understanding and communication between workers and children to support learning, development and mental health.
Early Childhood Professional Development
Principal Consultant: Alice Campbell

Alice is an early childhood development specialist, with a 25-year background blending health care and early childhood education. She is a well-known trainer in the ACT health and community sector, with a reputation for her immersive and engaging presentation style that emphasises the linking of research to the realities of working with young children and their families. 

Her academic and professional background includes Nursing, Early Childhood Education and Play Therapy. She also has extensive involvement in social work, teacher, psychologist and counsellor education.

She supports staff, leaders and organisations seeking to improve social, mental health and education outcomes for babies and very little children in their services. Alice uses programming, projects, training and mentoring to support teams and leaders to use, extend and embed relationship-focussed practices leading to improved learning, development and social well-being in infancy and early childhood. 

Alice has worked with, consulted to, and trained staff from a wide variety of service-delivery organisations, programs and projects. These have included UNICEF; NSW and Tasmanian Deptartments of Education (Early Childhood); HIPPY; Lady Gowrie; Relationships Australia; Barnardos; and numerous hospital and public health services, among others. Her roles have spanned research, evaluation, program design, project management, service delivery, supervision and mentoring, vocational training and professional development, policy development and audit contexts. 

Alice’s work in supporting organisations to support children’s early relationships, learning, safety and well-being has been recognised across numerous state-level and national awards. 

In addition, Alice is currently undertaking postgraduate research at Deakin University, examining the meaning of infant and toddler cues and behaviour in early childhood setting, and how educator mentalisations might impact on responsiveness in the educator-child dyad with implications for long-term mental health and learning outcomes. Alice also has special interests in integrated (teaching) programming, and the application of trauma-informed principles in practice.