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Babies’ emotion and communication:

The role of healthy touch

Touch is perhaps the most common way we connect and communicate with babies and little children – it underpins almost all of our interactions in early childhood care and education settings. Yet, understanding, developing and using healthy, respectful touch is one of the things that is rarely mentioned in our training. 

In this workshop we explore the role of touch in early brain, social and body development and how we can work positively to support young children’s boundaries, safe, respectful and positive messages about touch.

Training content:

Babies Emotion and Communication
Touch is involved in almost all of our interactions with babies. It supports joint attention, language-learning and social activity.

* How healthy touch contributes to infant affect regulation, social and mental health development.

* What is “healthy” touch?

* Healthy touch in babies’ emotional communication, play and joint attention, self-image and language development.

* Barriers to healthy touch, and touch-related communication problems.

* Strategies for promoting consent and infant-led touch.

*  Touch-related trauma and hypersensitivty – trauma-sensitive strategies for promoting and using healthy and respectful touch with babies in every-day community and care settings.



Live webinar


2 hours (live webinar, with a 5 min break mid-way)

Alice Campbell

Alice originally trained as a Registered Nurse, and is an Early Childhood Educator. For 25 years has worked with parents, health and early childhood professionals, and organisations to strengthen development and learning outcomes. She specialises in the use of relationship-based practice and early mental health, social and emotional development. Her many achievements have been recognised in child protection, violence prevention, and early childhood education awards.