Activity Plan – Build a Nest




Build a nest

This is one activity in the Spring theme learning activity sequence exploring measurement.

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3 – 6 years old (suitable for multi-age groups)


This is an inquiry-based, child-led activity. It incorporates a range the full range of play categories. It is typically offered as a provocation for children to access as desired, over a period of days or weeks. however, it could be adapted to be delivered in a teacher-led session for older children.

Core concepts:

* Many things can be measured.

* Measurement means describing the characteristics or attributes of something as a number.

Learning outcomes:

* I can take part in conversations where I hear, understand and/ or use a variety of measurement vocabulary.

* I can use information to make measurement decisions and solve measurement problems in contextually relevant settings.

* I can compare some measurable attributes of objects.

Other information:

* You will be re-directed to a web-page with the activity plan available online.

* Please note, this is not a “no-prep”, one-size-fits-all, formula activity plan. It does not contain worksheets!! It is a considered and planned play and project-based activity that requires educator thinking, involvement and knowledge to adapt and use the activity with the specific group of children who it is being used with.


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