Activity Plan – Grug’s Car




Grug’s Car

This is a stand-alone activity, allowing children to explore science concepts of force and movement through play.


3 – 6 years old (suitable for multi-age groups)


This activity can be adapted to a single-lesson format (10-20 minutes) suitable for mainstream classrooms, or to deep-learning inquiry-based formats (over many sessions) for play-based, Reggio Emilia, homeschool or inquiry-based settings.

Core concepts:

* Force consists of a push or pull.

* Objects stay in inertia until force is applied.

* Evidence can be observed and used to support conclusions.

Learning outcomes:

* I can observe and use language to describe concepts of force in ways that are contextually and culturally relevant to me (such as ‘pushes’, ‘pulls’ and ‘stops’).

* I can notice and describe some attributes of objects that propel or reduce movement (such as surface friction).


* Detailed activity instructions.

* Content and theoretical explanations of core concepts.

* Integrated teaching concepts (literacy, numeracy, science).

* Integrated strategies for extension of children with additional abilities.

* EYLF and ACARA curriculum links (preschool, Foundation and year one).

* Printable provocation instructions and prompts.

* Vocabulary printable.

* Suggestions for SeeSaw, StoryPark and other portfolio documentation.

Other information:

* The activity plan is available for immediate download in PDF format, once payment is received. Because of this, no returns or refunds are possible.

* Please note, this is not a “no-prep”, one-size-fits-all, formula activity plan. It is a considered and planned play and project-based activity that requires educator thinking, involvement and knowledge to adapt and use the activity with the specific group of children who it is being used with.

* Additional resources are required to deliver this activity. As much as possible, we only include resources that can be obtained freely or cheaply and that are usually available in most homes, schools and early learning settings. You will need a copy of the text Grug Builds a Car to deliver this activity (not included with this purchase).  View the other essential and optional resources required for this activity.


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