Online Professional Development Webinars for Early Childhood Education, Early Intervention and Care Professionals

Our training library has a range of on-demand (recorded) and live-broadcast online webinars for early childhood professional development.

We also host regular face-to-face workshops in Canberra (ACT).

Please feel free to browse below and contact us if you have any questions.

Nurturing language literacy trauma

Early childhood trauma can significantly impact on children’s early language learning and literacy capabilities.

Discover how you can use play-based, relational approaches in early childhood settings to nurture and restore language development following early relational trauma.

Babies, communication, touch

Touch is perhaps the most common form of connection and communication with babies and little children – it underpins almost all of our interactions in the early childhood care and education settings.

In this training we explore the role of touch in early brain, social and body development and how we can work positively with boundaries and positive messages about touch in childhood.