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Supporting language and literacy learning following early childhood trauma

It is estimated that at least one out of every five young children have experienced some degree of early childhood trauma or disruption to their development.

The impacts of these experiences are often un-noticed, until years later when the child begins to fall behind or have other difficulties in primary school.

However, early childhood teachers, educators and other support workers can profoundly change these outcomes.


Training content:

Language Trauma Workshop
In this workshop we will explore a range of child-led, play-focused activities to support and nurture language learning following early childhood trauma.

* What is relational trauma, why it is so prevalent, what it does to children, and why it’s often missed.

* What the research shows about the effects of relational trauma on language and subsequent literacy development.

* The essential things young children need from adults to help nurture their language and literacy capabilities following relational trauma.

* What are the characteristics of play that best nurture language development for children whose relationships have been disrupted.

* Four simple steps for designing play-based activities, programs and curriculum that is language-immersive (and EYLF-linked).

* Using documentation to further extend and nurture language and literacy.

* Practical, affordable, hands-on activities and ideas to implement in your programs straight away (face-to-face workshop only)


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1 hour (live webinar)

1.5 hours (face-to-face workshop)

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Alice Campbell

Alice originally trained as a Registered Nurse, and is an Early Childhood Educator. For 25 years has worked with parents, health and early childhood professionals, and organisations to strengthen development and learning outcomes. She specialises in the use of relationship-based practice and early mental health, social and emotional development. Her many achievements have been recognised in child protection, violence prevention, and early childhood education awards.